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Sarah Tarhini 29 Jul 2022

15 Things You Can’t Hide From Lebanese Parents

SPOILER ALER: your Lebanese parents will surely uncover all the juicy secrets you’ve been quietly sitting on. We compiled a list of 15 things you can’t hide from your Lebanese parents! (In case you were planning on trying to.)

1. Lama todrob el seyara 3n el janab

How can they see microscopic scratches?

2. The secret tattoo that you got

Your siblings already fada7ok…

3. Sho 3amtak alet 3an emak

You better report it all.

4. That stupid Valentine’s Day gift you snuck inside

Tab wen betkhabiha?

5. Your new love interest

The suspect has been found laughing at their phone at 3:00 a.m.

6. Aya se3a jeet 3al bet last night

Hata lw rje3et w keno neymin, they’ll know.

7. Your delivery orders


8. Eating that one tabkha that you hate at your cousin’s house

“Ah btekela 3indon msh 3inde?”

9. The extra kilos you’ve gained

“Leh hek?”

10. Eno daya3et el Tupperware

The first thing your mom’s going to ask about

11. The extra money your grandma gave you “3a janab”

13. Smoking with your friends

“Leh hek ri7tak dekhan?”

14. Your Twitter account

At some point, they’ll figure it out. Now you’re regretting your whole life decisions.

15. Or your old Facebook pictures from 2010

Your mom keeps recycling them every now and then on her WhatsApp stories