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Sarah Tarhini 03 Aug 2022

Blast Victim’s Mother Demands Justice

Time took a halt on August 4th, 2020.

Najwa, Lara Hayek’s mother, came home to a severely injured daughter, drenched in her own blood. Amidst all the mass destruction, it was challenging to find an available hospital that could immediately tend to Lara’s injuries. But Lara’s body went cold; the screams of a pleading mother echoed through the halls of a chaotic grieving hospital.

Two years later, 43-year-old Lara Hayek still rests in a coma, completely motionless with a beating heart and a sorrowful mother waiting on her.

“Lara is not only my daughter, but also my friend. After the blast, life has lost all meaning”, Najwa told Annahar. She adds, “I have strong faith that Lara will come back. I await her wake despite any health condition”.

Despite the government’s complete absence, Lara’s treatment costs have been covered by donations and a local NGO. The doctors might say that they lost hope, but a mother’s yearning heart never does.

While the future of the investigation remains unclear, Lara’s mother and all the blast victims’ families are waiting for justice to be served.