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Taleen El Gharib 04 Aug 2022

Photojournalist Assaulted And Threatened For Documenting Protests In South Lebanon

Yesterday, Beirut-based photojournalist Hasan Shaaban was attacked by a group of individuals as his videos of residents in Beit Yahoun (Bint Jbeil) protesting were circulating on social media. The region had been suffering from frequent water cuts over the past year, and the protest has been going on for several days amid little to no media coverage.

Shaaban, who is a Beit Yahoun resident himself, received death threats by the group if he chose to stay in town – a direct violation of freedom of press.

In response to the recent aggressions against him, Shaaban expressed that he will not be succumbing to their threats and will not leave his hometown.

Amid economic and political turmoil, citizens are being silenced and those reporting on the harsh reality in Lebanon are being targeted and scrutinized for speaking the truth, especially in regions taken over by powerful political parties.

We express our support to all journalists who have experienced attempts to restrict their freedoms at the hands of political parties and authorities.

Update: According to Megaphone News, the group struck Shaaban’s car window with a bullet to reiterate their threats to him.