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Elise Daoud 05 Aug 2022

Mia Khalifa Donates $10,000 To Lebanese Red Cross Once Again

Once again, Mia Khalifa shows her love and devotion to both Lebanon and the Lebanese Red Cross. After donating $20,000 to the Lebanese Red Cross back in January of 2021, Mia has gifted another $10,000 to the organization.

In a post shared on her Instagram, Mia is seen enjoying a rare 1969 bottle of wine from renowned Lebanese winery Chateau Musar. Khalifa revealed that her friends thought she was insane “for ordering a $3,000 bottle of wine when [she] barely even drinks,” going on to reveal the sentiment behind it. “This is a piece of history from happier times in Lebanon. Before the civil war, before the Beirut blast, before the economic destruction, before air raids, before the heartache and mass emigration, before the geopolitical and socioeconomic tensions, before the goodbyes and “please send prayers and donations”, before a lot of us were even born to know what a Lebanon like that is like,” said Khalifa in her caption.

The second photo showed a $10,000 receipt for a donation Khalifa made to an unnamed recipient, which a tweet revealed to be the Red Cross. Her donation coincided with the August 4 commemoration.

Despite being banned from the Middle East, Khalifa has been contributing more than a dysfunctional Lebanese government and her efforts do not go unnoticed.

A big thank you to Mia for her constant support!