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Sarah Tarhini 05 Aug 2022

20 Exceptional Experiences You Can Have In Akkar

A bustling gem in North Lebanon, Akkar has some of the most tranquil escapes from the urban noise. In case you’re missing out, here are 22 exceptional experiences you can have exclusively in Akkar.

1. Unwind at The Cave Resort in Fanidiq Qammouaa

2. Chill out beside Bqerzala’s crystal clear waterfalls

3. Admire Akkar’s breathtaking mountain views

4. Loosen up in nature at Helseban Valley, Qobayat

5. Breathe in fresh air on the riverbeds of Aandket

6. Camp out with friends in the majestic Ghabat el Ozor, Fanidiq Qammouaa

7. Stargaze during Qammouaa’s magical nights

8. Enjoy the thrill of nature at valley and waterfalls of Ouyoun El Samak

9. Go sightseeing in Akkar El Atiqa

19. Go on exciting bike rides

11. Chill at the serene Church of Mar Challita, Qobayat

12. Snap incredible pictures at Sahlet el Qammouaa

13. Wish on a shooting star under Akkar’s starry nights

14. Find solace in Wadi Oudine

15. Feel the adrenaline rush at Jabal El Arba3in’s mountain peak

16. Wander around at Beino’s Lake

17. Visit the natural wonders of Wadi Jhanam

18. Have pleasant picnics by Nahr Moussa

19. Take in the view from Hrar’s peaking tops

20. Relax in Aayn el Delbe, Qammouaa