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Sarah Tarhini 11 Aug 2022

10 Classic Fights Lebanese Siblings Have

We all share the same love-hate relationships with our siblings that spiced up our upbringing in Lebanese households (If you’re in doubt, here’s proof).

Here are 10 classic and hella silly Lebanese sibling fights we’ve all had the misfortune of experiencing.

1. Stealing your shirt AND wearing it first

That shirt hasn’t seen the light of the day and your younger sibling already managed to wear it. The shirt always comes back with stains or stretched a size or three.

They’re going to do their absolute best to ruin the experience for you, so now it is time to settle this on the battlefield.

2. Posting horrible pictures of you because they look good

After three wrestling matches and one word from your dad, the picture has been successfully taken down. Mission complete.

3. Eating that dessert yale tarakta bel barad

It’s your food not theirs, then it’s definitely gonna taste way better – one of the silliest excuses you can hear for theft.

Anyways, they like spoiling themselves 3a hsebak.

4. Min baddo ye23od 7ad el shebek bl seyara

Having the car window seat is a privilege that only a sibling that was forced to sit in the middle knows its worth. You’re definitely going to be taking turns.

5. Min baddo yethamam bl may el sekhne abel

Betkoon feyet tethammam am faj2a b not your sibling w b ool “la2 ana kenet feyte halla2”.

And consider it a World War III eza khalaset el may el sekhne, especially if it’s winter.

6. Whose turn yedhar bel seyara

If your sibling has a date and you take the car, by all means, run for your life.

7. You asked your sibling eza ente besh3a w alo eh ktir

This is a classic that backfires into “Ma aslan ana beshbahak ya 7mar”.

8. El masare yale you owe them

“Wayna el 80,000LL yale 3atytak yeha?”

They always bring “7sebet adeeme” into fights; a known move to weaken your enemy.

9. “Dawrak ente bel jale”

Either one of you had to wash the dishes before their mom came home and all hell broke loose. You can only hope one of you backs down and get it done before she’s back.

10. “Mamno3 tekhod aktr menne” @ food/drink portions

We all know you reached for that ruler and measured the weight and length of that chocolate bar, so you can have equal portions. Y’all were activists for equal rights and you did not even know.

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