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Bachar Bzeih 14 Aug 2022

10 Pizza Spots To Try In Beirut

You can never go wrong with pizza. The man2oushe’s Italian cousin has found a grateful and loving home within the streets of Beirut. These ten pizza spots will make for great eating whenever you have an Italian crave, need to feed friends coming over, or simply want a good quality meal.

1. Pizzeria Del Vico

Pizzeria Del Vico makes delicious pizzas using a wood-fire oven at their space in the heart of Achrafieh. You can also order and chow down on their quality creations from the comfort of your own home. Try their Parma Pizza, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, parma ham, rocca, and parmigiano.

2. Pizzeria da Marco

Serving up delectable Neapolitan style pizzas, these fantastic pies are made from scratch and loaded with the freshest of ingredients. This neighborhood pizzeria is not to be missed.

3. La PizzAria

Located in a beautiful spot in Gemmayze, La PizzAria will give you a taste of Italy. Delicious pizzas, high quality ingredients, and perfect execution each and every time.

4. Pizza Enzo

Well crafted and heartful pizzas await at this spot in Badaro. Options include the extremely tasty Mozzarella di Buffalo and their wonderful homemade Truffle pizza.

5. Pizza Guys

This Gemmayze spot will satisfy all your pizza cravings, with offerings ranging from a classic Margherita to a delicious Bufala to a unique Potato Pizza.

6. La Nonina Pizzeria

Introducing Romana-style pizza to the country, La Nonina is a delightful spot to sit and eat a good Pizza in Beirut.

7. Manuccini’s

Make sure to have a taste of their exceptional Quattro Formaggio and Emiliana!

8. Don Baker

Their uniquely crafted Presto Pesto Pizza will fulfill your tastebuds and keep you coming back for more.

9. Appetito Trattoria

Appetito Trattoria offers an excellent Italian culinary experience in multiple spots over Beirut. Make sure to get a taste of their Pizza Capricciosa!

10. By the Slice

Offering both full size and slice options, Pizza by the Slice provides one of the most innovative pizza experiences in the country. Check out their Halloumi the Pig and Fully Loaded pizzas.