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Sarah Tarhini 18 Aug 2022

8 Haifa Wehbe Lyrics That Don’t Translate Well In English

Who’s in the mood for some Haifa Wehbe music? Here are some lyrics by the Lebanese pop icon that don’t translate well in English.

Disclaimer: This translation is for entertainment purposes. If you’re boring and want an actual translation, click here.

1. Boos El Wawa

“Layk el wawa, boos el wawa, khali el wawa ysa7
Lama besto, el wawa shelto, sar el wawa ba7”

Look at the ouch, kiss the ouch, let the ouch heal,
When I kissed it, the ouch was removed, the ouch was gone

Haifa could single-handedly fix our wawa.

2. Lw Kont (ft. Haifa Wehbe)

“Lw kont khatem tab3an kont 7a at2almez 3aliki”

If I were a ring, I would diamond over you

We totally get you Akram Housni, we would diamond over Haifa too.

3. Touta

“Touta touta touta touta touta touta
Shatabna khalas el 7adtota
Touta touta touta touta touta touta
Mesh 7elwa w tol3et maltota”

Touta touta touta touta touta touta
It’s over, the story has ended
Touta touta touta touta touta touta
It’s not sweet, turned out to be spoiled

The song that totally touted our hearts away 🙁

4. Ya Hayat Albi

“Ya hayat albi w koli monah
M3ak 3omri ma 2olet el ah”

Oh, life of my heart and all I desire
With you, I never once said AHH!

Here’s the thing, we don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing…

5. Oba Oba

“Ashta obba obba yalla nghani
Kolo yseeb nafso”

Ashta obba obba, let’s sing
Everyone, abandon yourself

6. Lw Kont (ft. Haifa Wehbe)

“lw kont ktab ana kont ha ab2a ktab 3n el jamal
Lw feh so2al 3an el dala, ana egabet el so2al
Lw kont sekka hakon yamin, ana 3omri ma akon shemal
Mo3adla sa3ba w 7alaha alef e7timal”

If I were a book, I would be a book on beauty
If there is a question on pampering, I am the answer of the question
If I were a railway, I would be right, I would never be left
A difficult equation and its solution requires a thousand possibilities

Ah! Haifa, the queen of pamper! (not the hfad)

7. Teggi

“Shayfak ser enbesati,
Mashya w mesh wakhdah e7tiyati”

I see you the secret of my happiness
I’m walking without any precautions/protection

Please definitely take precautions/use protection.

8. Ragab

“Ragab housh sahbak 3anni”

Ragab, push your friend away from me!

Is sahbak Johnny Depp?

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