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Sherif Mugraby 22 Aug 2022

5 Ice Cream Flavors To Try At Booza Society

Are you craving a cold and delicious treat? Head to Hamra’s Booza Society on Jeanne D’Arc Street for some of the best ice cream in town. If you’re confused about what flavor to get, the owner and ice cream scientist Jean Charles will walk you through their tasty offerings. We also wanted to lend your tastebuds a helping hand, so we are recommending the following flavors!

1. Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Brownie lovers will adore this sorbet. Light and perfectly textured, this will surely put a smile on your face (and some ice cream!).

2. Caramelized Banana

This delicious and delicious treat will make your day a hundred times sweeter. Warning: this flavor is extremely addictive!

3. Apple Cinnamon

If you’re craving apple pie and can’t be bothered to get baking, this apple cinnamon flavor will wow your tastebuds and comfort your belly.

4. Coconut

A coconut-y treat that will make your summer dessert dreams come true. Bounty lovers can pair this with the dark chocolate sorbet.

5. Meghli

Even if you’re not a fan of meghli, you’ll want to try this delicious flavor. Softly spiced flavors and extremely smooth textures make this heavenly treat one of the most unique and tasty options.

Bonus treat: ZAATAR ice cream!

You read that right. This special concoction puts the old “booza 3a koussa” joke to shame. This flavor was surprisingly satisfying and deliciously sweet with an occasional burst of zaatar flavor. Smooth and creamy, this is a Lebanese flavor you won’t want to miss.

Check out this video of our team trying the zaatar flavor (and other favorites)!