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Tanya Maalouf 22 Aug 2022

12 Types Of Friends In Every Friend Group In Lebanon

Every Lebanese friend group has these types of people. Which one are you?

1. The day3aje

“Waynak mesh 3am nshufak?”

“Bel day3a”

You can only make plans with this person once in a blue moon because they’re always visiting their day3a. They are also avid texters and fast repliers because they get so bored in their remote villages.

2. The lazy one

The one who disappears for 5+ hours only to come back from the dead and reveal that they had a long, well-deserved nap. After a full day of doing absolutely nothing.

3. The shawarma-obsessed one

Their bodies are so well-adapted to chicken shawarma that they no longer reek of garlic, no matter how much of it they eat. Either that or the group has grown immune to the stench.

4. The mom

A literal equivalent of your mom. Most popular phrases:

“Lesh jeye bala jacket?”
“2oo3a halla2 bte2ze halak/ik ya habeele“

5. The vegan

Tote bags, Hydroflasks, metal straws – the whole shebang. No one in the group understands how this person can resist a late night trip to Barbar. They are also constantly arguing with #3.

6. The one that knows EVERYTHING

Outing? More like in-depth gossip session. You will know everything from who their next-door neighbor is having an affair with to all the juicy deets about that one highschool friend from 7 years ago.

7. The social media influencer

Kel ma tedharo someone has to take one for the team and snap 10000 Instagrammable pictures for this person. They upload a story about everything they do – ye3ne WALA SHI left to the imagination.

8. The activist

Yalli ma bya3ref yehke kelemten bala ma yjeeb seeret the following: politics, economy, enhiyar el balad, and random social injustices happening who knows where.

9. The sakarje

They’ve been to every bar/pub/rooftop in Lebanon and know where the best drinking spots are. This person’s favorite ‘casual’ meet up spot is Badaro and they have really high alcohol tolerance.

10. The one whose last name replaced their first

We all have that one friend that we only call by their last name. Their first name no longer exists.

11. The Beirut fanatic

Mafi majel, they are willing to put your sanity at stake for a coffee run in Hamra.

P.S. this person probably doesn’t live in Beirut and has major FOMO.

12. The one who’s never on time

Meeting in Mar Mikhael at 7pm? That means they’ll be leaving the house at like 8:30pm. They’re always “3al tari2”.