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Bachar Bzeih 22 Aug 2022

Search For Tripoli Migrant Boat Begins

This morning, the chief of Lebanon’s navy announced that a submarine would begin operating off the coast of Tripoli in search of a migrant boat that sank back in April. According to Col. Haitham Dennaoui, the submarine is in Lebanon due to the “efforts of Lebanese citizens, civilian and military.”

The Lebanese Army will be accompanying the submarine on its operation. Dennaoui stated that the submarine’s mission is to locate and extract the boat, which is believed to be 470 meters deep in the sea and still home to missing bodies. The submarine can descend to the depths of 2180 meters and is manned by three officers.

The migrant boat at the centre of the operation sank on April 23rd, 2022. It was said to have 85 refugees on board and was heading towards Europe. It was intercepted 5.5 km away from the Lebanese coast.

The Lebanese Army has claimed that the boat sank due to it carrying more passengers than optimal capacity. Testimony from the passengers claimed that the boat was sunk after colliding with a Lebanese Army boat that was pursuing aggressively.

Amid the multiple crises occurring in Lebanon, more and more of these types of migrant boats have set out from Lebanon’s shores. The Lebanese Army has been tasked with intercepting and preventing their departure toward Europe, yet thousands have still taken the risky journey across the Mediterranean in search for a better life.

We hope the boat and all missing persons are found, and that justice can be achieved for everyone involved in this tragedy.