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Bachar Bzeih 24 Aug 2022

Woman In Saida Exposes Sexual Harasser On Video

A video of a woman confronting a sexual harraser in Saida was making rounds on social media yesterday. In the video, the woman filming follows a man and reveals that he had been harassing her. The man avoids her and briefly turns his face to the camera, telling her to “leave him alone” before finally running away in the end.

[The media that was previously embedded here was removed by the owner.]

Sexual harrasment is endemic to Lebanon’s streets, creating unsafe situations for most women trying to get through their day. Catcalling, groping, stalking, and other forms of harassment create a very dangerous environment on the country’s streets.

For women such as the one filming the video, this is the only way to fight back and protect themselves in a society plagued with patriarchal values. Facing normalized, consistent harassment, and looming violence, exposing these harassers remains one of the only tools available to women.