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Sarah Tarhini 25 Aug 2022

8 Must-Visit Burger Spots In Jnoub

Are you looking for a tasty burger experience in Jnoub? Here are 8 must-visit burger spots in South Lebanon to add to your bucket list!

1. Addict Burger, Nabatieh

Are you looking for the hottest and juiciest mess in town? You’ve got to try the classic “Addict Burger” for a saucy experience, served with the crispiest fries – for under 200,000 L.L.!

Phone number: 07 763 503 – 71 181 987 – 81 076 363

2. Chops Diner, Tyre

Chops Diner is bringing joy in the form of flavor! Their Cheese At Heart burger will surely take your tastebuds on a ride.

Phone number: 81 787 834

3. Mido’s Sandwiches, Saida

Devour these massive burgers at Mido’s, and don’t miss out on their cheese patties!

Phone number: 07 727 672

4. Burgero, Saida

Gear yourself up for Burgero’s Two Hundred 60! Featuring two premium beef patties, fresh mushroom, rocca, onions, special barbecue mayo, and cheddar cheese. All this will fill your stomach for 180,000 L.L.

Their Dry Mouth beef patties, topped with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and signature smashed sauce is a total foodie smash for only 130,000 L.L.!

Phone number: 03 299 844.

5. Burger Experiment, Saida

Absolutely delicious burgers at Burger Experiment! You can enjoy their BBQ Cheese Burger with cheddar and hickory barbecue sauce for 120,000 L.L. or the signature spicy mix Sloppy Joe with minced beef, onions, jalapenos, and Swiss cheese for 180,000 L.L.

Phone number: 76 371 862

6. Spuntino Di Shadi, Saida

Spuntino’s Mighty Zinger is definitely not for the faint-hearted! You can get this zinger beast for 185,000 L.L. or the yummy and saucy honey mustard burger for 130,000 L.L.

Phone number: 07 727 881 or 76 766 696

7. Pepo’s Diner, Saida

Pepo’s is Saida’s ideal spot for when the burger cravings hit. Their special simple chicken with mozzarella and extra cheese is a must-try.

Phone number: 07 732 842

8. Port 79, Tyre

For mushroom sauce lovers, this extra cheesy option of beef or grilled chicken mushroom burger is tucked between golden toasted buns and generously topped with melted Swiss cheese.

Phone number: 71 488 885