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Labib Mansour 29 Aug 2022

This Amazing Campsite Is Paradise On Wheels!

The checklist for the perfect campsite usually only includes a good spot to enjoy a killer view, but Vanhalla is raising the bar with its very own paradise on wheels.

The adorable van is parked in the heart of Kfaraakab in Metn, surrounded by an expanse of greenery. The campsite boasts a magnificent view of the mountains that will make you fall in love with the village.

The spacious VW van is beautifully decorated and ensures a memorable experience to anyone spending the night.

But it doesn’t stop there! Aside from feel-good vibes, gorgeous views, and comfortable sleeping arrangements, Vanhalla also serves up refreshing cocktails and delicious bites for you to enjoy with your camping buddies.

They host weekly pizza events, where you can enjoy unlimited delicious pies, light bites, and an assortment of drinks – buffet style.

Vanhalla has created the ideal camping experience for you to make your summer nights more memorable. Their team has also curated a list of spots to visit in the area so you can make the most out of your stay! Check out their Instagram highlights!

For reservations, call 81 331 138 or send them a DM.

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