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Sarah Tarhini 30 Aug 2022

Can’t Be Topped: 8 Appetizing Pizza Spots in Jnoub

We simply can’t say no to pizza, the Italian delight is hands down a favorite for many for an on-the-go meal or . Here are 8 amazing pizza spots in Jnoub that can’t be topped.

1. Olivia Resto & Café – Ansar, Nabatieh

Olivia’s is the new hot spot that is ideal for any pizza lover! Their iconic Olivia pizza is baked to perfection and their pepperoni pizza is a cheesy dream.

2. Senor Pizza – Saida

They serve a mouthwatering dynamite pizza and an oddly addictive mango pizza. Which one would you try?

3. Port 79 – Tyre

Port 79 has some of the finest wood-fired pizza you’ll ever taste! Their cheesy creations are made with fresh ingredients from scratch.

4. Zoya Resto Café – Saida

Cheese the day at Zoya! Who wouldn’t fall head over heels in love with their signature Italian pizza with premium cheese?

5. Pizza Turtles – Saida

Catch these Ninja Turtles-inspired pizza slices at Pizza Turtles! If you’re up for trying something new, check out their sweet and sour shrimp pizza.

6. Elysium – Nabatieh

Tucked between olive trees, this Italian escape is home to some of the most appetizing pizza in Nabatieh. How about a taste of their yummy pesto pizza?

7. More Pizza & More – Nabatieh

This classic spot serves slices of happiness. From the classic Lebanese pizza to spicy steak pizza, you’ll want to try everything on their menu.

8. Pastella Pasta – Tyre

The only love triangles you’ll want to be a part of! Meet the delightful pastella pizza topped with shrimp and special ingredients at this spot.

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