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Sarah Tarhini 04 Sep 2022

Wrapped with Love: 9 Tasty Falafel Joints in Jnoub

Are you looking for delicious falafel to brighten up your day? Here are nine tasty falafel joints in Jnoub that should be on your list anytime you head South!

1. Falafel Abou Rami, Saida

Serving delectable crispy falafel since 1988, this spot is a must-try for any falafel lover in Saida.

2. Al-Basha Restaurant, Saida

You have to taste the delicious and authentic sandwiches served at Al-Basha Restaurant, especially baked and generously covered in tarator sauce.

3. Falafel Al Ajami, Nabatieh

A staple for any falafel fan in Nabatieh, these falafel wraps are a crispy dream served with extra tahini and ultra fresh veggies.

4. Veggie restaurant
, Nabatieh

This restaurant takes your falafel addiction to a whole new level! You can delight yourself with their falafel pieces, deliciously stuffed with veggies, nuts, or even cheese.

5. Falafel Akkawi, Saida

Enjoy mouthwatering falafel patties at one of Saida’s finest. This spot has been in business since 1950, and for good reason.

6. Falafel Samhat, Tyre

This adorable falafel shop in the heart of Tyre serves yummy and spiced falafel balls. Definitely not to be missed!

7. Falafel Al Arnaout, Nabatieh

Falafel Al-Arnaout is the home of authentic falafel in Nabatieh, serving delicious wraps for over 60 years with love.

8. Falefel Maurice 1966, Marjaayoun

Spice up your trip to Marjaayoun by dropping by this classic spot in the area that serves up appetizing falafel wraps with a homey feel.

9. Bawab, Tyre

Appetizingly fried falafel drowned in tarator sauce and beautifully served with colorful veggies, this one will keep you coming back for more.

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