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Sarah Tarhini 02 Sep 2022

Time To Unwind: 13 Beautiful Chalets In Jnoub And Their Prices

Are you on the hunt for the ideal chalet to rent in jnoub? We’ve got you covered. Here are 13 beautiful chalets to help you chillax in South Lebanon.

1. Trio Chalet – Nabatieh, Deir el Zahrani

Enjoy a private relaxing stay at Trio chalet, featuring four accommodations, Ahlam, Latifa, Souad, and Fayrouz.

Ahlam, Latifa, and Souad have a swimming pool, a master bedroom, two bedrooms, living room, dining room, open-kitchen, and indoor Jacuzzi for a maximum of 8 people. Cost per night: $200 weekdays – $250 weekend

Fayrouz has one bedroom, indoor Jacuzzi, open kitchen, living room open concept minipool for a capacity of 2-4 people. Cost per night: $120 weekdays – $150 weekend

Phone number: 03 063 181

2. Zaytouna Chalet – Khirbet Selem

The ideal space for some enjoyable family time!

Both Sendiyan and Karaz feature a swimming pool, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, living and dining room, fully equipped kitchen, and outdoor seating with barbecue. Perfect for 6 people. Cost per stay: $180 weekend (Friday and Saturday) – $150 weekdays

Bayt el Kel (family-size chalet) has 3 mini bungalows, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, two swimming pools (one smalland one large), outdoor seating and barbecue area. Perfect for 12-15 people. Cost per stay: $250 all days

Phone number: 81058781

3. Leylandii Chalets – Taybeh, South Lebanon

A stunning space with amazing view. The chalet includes a master bedroom with a Jacuzzi, triple bedroom with bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a salon with 2 large sofa beds, 2 bathrooms outside, a private pool, 3 outdoor seating areas, BBQ grill, and more! The rent includes 7 people, additional fee for any additional person (maximum of 10 people).

Cost per night:
$200 per night, Sunday to Thursday
$225 per night, Friday – Saturday

Phone number: +961 71 401 030

4. Yara’s Eco Cabin– Ansar, Nabatieh

The perfect gateway in these cozy eco cabins in nature with a private pool!

Bayt el Day3a: Ideal for 2 people, $85 per night including organic homemade breakfast.

Bayt el Zaytoun: Ideal for 4-5 people, $100 per night including homemade organic breakfast.

Phone number: 70979367

5. Zeina Chalet – Sahel Al Khiam, Marjaayoun

A private-pool chalet with amazing view. It features one master bedroom, one big bedroom, 3 large sofa-beds, one living room, dining room, 2 fully equipped kitchens, 3 bathrooms, a garden and a barbecue area.

Cost per night:
Couple $150 (2 people)
One family $200 (4-5 people)
Two families $250 (8-9 people)

Phone number: 03 043 930

6. Heaven Guest House Jabaa – Jabaa

Enjoy a serene staycation at this homey guesthouse. The accommodation features one bedroom, one living room, one bathroom, a small equipped kitchen with a barbecue grill. The outdoor area has an amazing view of the mountains.

Per day: $50 without sleeping (up to 10 people)
Per night:
Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): $60 (up to 5 people)
Weekends (Friday t0 Sunday): $80 (up to 5 people)

Phone number: 76702476

7. Wood and Water – Al Khiam

Time to relax at this guesthouse, featuring a private pool and beautiful outdoor seating area (up to 6-7 people)

Costs per night: $120

Phone number: 70 727 728

8. Chalet Kafarsir – Kfarsir

A large serene space with beautiful view! Two private chalets with a private pool and a Jacuzzi to unwind with your loved ones. Capacity: up to 4 people.

Costs per night: Weekdays $130 – Weekends $160

Phone number: 03/648455

9. Villa flora – Baraachit

Villa Flora Luxury Hill Suites offer a luxurious stay for a unique experience to the guests with its VIP suite (open plan kitchenette, lounge: sofa bed, double bedroom) and its Beauty Suite (2 connected modern master double bedrooms, spacious lounge, lobby and open plan kitchen) with private access to the ample pool and garden with sunset view over the valley.

Costs per night:
$150 for 2-4 people
$400 for 10-15 people

Phone number: 81 85 85 79

10. Blue Pearl Chalet – Bani Hayyan

A beautiful large space for family time! Block A features one bedroom, kitchen, swimming pool, playground for kids, barbecue area (Up to 8 people). Blocks B & C are mini villas with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, barbecue area, swimming pool, and kids’ playground (Up to 8 people).

Costs: Weekdays $120 – Weekends $135
A maximum of 3 extra people with $15 additional fees on each.

Phone number: 71/679441

11. Blue Jay Valley – Azour, Jezzine

With outstanding view of the forest, this place has a variety of lodges from wood chalets, studios with terrace, tents, to chalets and studios with Jacuzzi. You can chill by their outstanding pools, and grab a tasty bite from their restaurant.

You can check accommodations and costs here.

Mobile: +961 78 88 00 88
Tel: +961 7 811 112 /3

12. IL Quattro Chalet – Al Taybeh

The chalet features modern outdoor seating area and a beautiful pool for swimming and sunbathing. Serene, private, and perfect for families.

Costs per night: $130 (up to 5 people)

Phone number: 78 944 412

13. Chez yaz Naquora – Naqoura

Small cozy bungalows and tree houses in the heart of Naquora, with stretching view of the greenery! Best place to hit with friends and even offers camping activities.

Costs per stay:
Bungalows services: Bungalow for 1 for $20
Weekend Tree house: $50 for 2 people
Weekdays Tree house: $40 for 2 people
Weekend Tree house: $80 for 4 people
Weekdays Tree house: $60 for 4 people

Phone number: 70 825 521