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Sarah Tarhini 06 Sep 2022

8 Lebanese Dishes that Scream Fall Vibes

Is there anything better than a warm Lebanese dish on a chilly autumn day that’ll leave you feeling all fuzzy inside? Here’s our selection of 8 Lebanese dishes that scream fall vibes.

1. Shorbet 3adas or any lentil soup

Simply comforting and delicious, a wholesome bowl of Lebanese lentil soup is the remedy for any cold or flu.

2. Kousa ma7shi with wara2 3enab b lahme

Lovingly stuffed with rich flavors and spices, this is a staple to try on any autumn day.

3. Majadra 7amra

The heavy aroma of lentils and caramelized onions will leave you feeling cozy and definitely hungry.

4. Molokhia

A classic warm stew recipe, savory and aromatic of garlic and coriander.

5. Bamia

The delicious okra stew with rich tomato taste is a must!

6. Z3tar/ Labneh Sandwiches
Just around the zaytoun picking season, a typical Lebanese breakfast that greatly reminds us of how much we preferred to snuggle under cozy blankets over the chilly school mornings.

7. Sfouf (Lebanese turmeric cake)

A light turmeric cake, tastes mildly sweet, and goes perfectly with a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

8. Lemon Pound Cake

A luscious yellow cake with tasty slices of bursting tangy lemon flavor and powdered sugar. Ideal choice with your afternoon tea!

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