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Bachar Bzeih 06 Sep 2022

Lebanese Film “Suspended” Wins Two Awards at Final Cut in Venice

At the 10th edition of Final Cut in Venice, a film by Lebanese filmmaker Myriam el Hajj and produced by Abbout Productions entitled “Suspended” won two awards. The film won the Titra Films Award and the Mactari mixing auditorium award.

According to their website, “the festival’s purpose is to provide concrete assistance in the completion of films from Africa and from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.” It also aims to create channels for producers and directors to present their work-in-progress productions to distributors and “facilitate post-production and promote co-production partnerships and market access.”

Born in 1983 in Beirut, Myriam el Hajj previously worked on the documentary film Treve (A Time to Rest,) which received several awards in its own right.

Suspended is centred around Lebanon’s collapse and revolt. One of the main conflicts in the film is supposed to be the clash between the younger generation, represented by defeated 2018 parliamentary candidate Joumana Haddad and protest activist Perla-Joe, and the older generation, represented by Georges, a disillusioned but stubborn former Civil War fighter.

Speaking about the film, el Hajj said that “Suspended arises from the necessity of communication about intimate and universal questions: How can we change the nation in which we live? How can we find our place in a country that is haunted by a past that continues to pollute the present, and that is facing a revolution that has only just begun?”