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Melissa Sleiman 08 Sep 2022

10 Spots In Beirut Guaranteed To Help You Pass The Semester

Sometimes you just know when you’re going to have a rough semester, but we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. These 10 spots in Beirut are bound to keep you motivated to push through the semester and make it as productive as possible.

Disclaimer: We do not take any responsibility if you actually end up failing.

1. Chapters Coffee Shop, Ramlet El Bayda

Sometimes a simple coffee just won’t cut it. Treat yourself to one of their creamy blended drinks for a boost of energy that tastes great and will give you the caffeine needed to make it through that last chapter.

2. Sole Insight, Achrafieh

If you’re looking for some inspiration, this is the place to go! This spot will soothe your soul and keep those creative juices flowing.

3. Foodelicious, Bliss Street

Ready for the most delicious boneless chicken sandwich you’ll ever feast on? An iconic spot that has won the hearts of every university student with this irresistible meal.

4. Raseef Beirut, Hamra

This resto-pub and café boasts a gorgeous outdoor seating that is the best way to treat burnout. Recharging at Raseef will quickly turn into a routine because of its charming location.

5. Barzakh Bookshop, Hamra

Nothing says “let’s get those A’s” like a library. During the day, it is the ideal spot to catch up on late assignments. After hours, Barzakh turns into an event space hosting everything from cultural events to stand-up comedy nights.

6. Kalei Coffee Co., Mar Mikhael & Ras Beirut

Are you struggling to stay in the studying mood? Well, a hot cup of coffee in Kalei’s garden is every procrastinator’s best friend.

7. Neighbors, Hamra

And if you’re looking to take a break from all that studying, you can pair your drinks with a kickass burger from Neighbors. Be prepared to make lots of furry friends because this is a pet-friendly spot.

8. Moon’s Coffee Shop and Bakery, Gemmayze

Have you tried Moon’s Triple Mousse Cake? It’s three layers of heaven that is best enjoyed with a strong cup of coffee for balance. This sugar boost (and the pups at Moon’s café) will get you through the long hours of studying.

9. Crew Hut, Mar Mikhael

Cheesy pasta in a cup sounds like the perfect post-study treat. Grab your study buddies and treat yourselves to a carb-filled cup of goodness.

10. Chicken Way, Ras Al Nabeh

Overworking your brain can make your stomach feel a little left out…how about this crispy chicken treat from Chicken Way?