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Sarah Tarhini 08 Sep 2022

Take a Breather: 6 Must-Try Restaurants In Akkar

Do you happen to be visiting this Northern gem on an empty stomach? Check out these 6 must-try restaurants in Akkar.

1. Zahrtoni

Zahrtoni is the ideal destination for large gatherings and laidback hangouts. With Italian and Lebanese dishes that will surely impress, don’t miss out on their delicious spaghetti con di pistachio dish.

Phone number: 03 914 717 / 81469844

2. Diwan Al Wadi

A wonderful spot that caters to all your cravings. Devour your favorite Lebanese dishes in their cozy atmosphere fit for both family dinners and get-togethers with old friends. If you’re a fan of raw meat, you’re going to love this place!

Phone number: 03 488 519

3. Dibby’s Resto Café

From juicy burgers to pizzas to pasta dishes, this place has it all. Made with love and in generous portions, you will not leave unsatisfied.

Phone number: 79 116 856

4. Al Shallalat Restaurant

A delicious meal with a view? Yes, please! This spot boasts a magnificent view of the Bqerzala waterfalls, a sight that will soothe your soul.

Phone number: 71585056

5. Restaurant El Shir

Surrounded by the enchanting Bqerzala river, you can grab a delicious bite from their selection of Lebanese food to be enjoyed in their charming outdoor seating – perfect for outings with your loved ones!

Phone number: 70 821 851

6. Nabe3 Al Fawar Restaurant

Lebanese mezza tastes better when enjoyed by el nabe3. Unwind in their tranquil outdoor seating area with your friends and family as you enjoy an exquisite meal.

Phone number: 06 890 000

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