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Bachar Bzeih 09 Sep 2022

8 British-Themed Pubs To Celebrate The Queen’s Death

The Queen is dead, but the night is still long. If you are looking for a special spot to celebrate Her Majesty’s death, look no further than these 8 British-themed pubs. We hope it’ll be a good night of drinking for all.

Wondering why we’re celebrating? In her 70 year reign, Queen Elizabeth II resided over a blood-soaked empire that colonized and pillaged half of the world. Millions were oppressed and brutalized in her name, so a few celebratory drinks is the least we can do.

1. The Duke of Wellington

What better place to celebrate the Queen’s death than at the Duke’s? Head over there and enjoy an aristocratic array of cocktails and drinks.

2. Cafe Pub 27

Located in the heart of Badaro, Cafe Pub 27 offers an authentic British pub experience. The Queen is only dead once, so down those pints, have some chips, sing along to the bar’s classic tunes, and make the most of this event.

3. Bedivere Eatery and Tavern

If you want to share your drink with King Arthur, this is the spot to go to. Emblazoned with relics of the British monarchy, this pub will transport you right to the heart of Buckingham Palace, after you have a few drinks of course.

4. The Old Fashioned

What’s more old-fashioned than a thousand year-old monarchy? This pub. If you want a good and vintage night of celebration that matches the spirit of one of the world’s most famous cocktails, look no further.

5. Celtic Irish Bar

No nation is happier at the sight of the monarch’s death than the UK’s Irish neighbor, so you’ll be right at home. Calling an Irishman British is a sure fire way to get punched in the face, but hopefully Celtic Irish Pub will be more forgiving.

6. Hooligans Bar and Grill

Channel the spirits of Britain’s famed hooligans as you down drink after drink in this Jounieh hot spot. And if you want to enjoy the finest of Britain’s (not so fine) cuisine alongside your alcohol, this is the spot for you.

7. Hogwarts Bar

Spend your night of celebration with one of Britain’s major cultural exports as you down cups and bind spells with the wizards of Hogwarts Bar. Hopefully, no one knows a spell that can revive her.

8. Abbey Road

Which split was worse? The Beatles or Queen Elizabeth vs. Harry and Meghan? You can get those answers and more as you enjoy good drinks at affordable prices in this always lively pub.