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William Daou 12 Sep 2022

May Hariri Hilariously Bites Back At Critics Of Her Mourning The Queen

Of all the people to be deeply touched by the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Lebanese performer May Hariri was an unexpected addition to the chorale of mourners.

Armed with her iconic dramatics and little-to-no sense of self awareness, Hariri took to Twitter to express her deep sadness and shock. Not long after, she became subject to a wave of criticism (and many, many, MANY memes) from people on social media for her rather ridiculous statement.

But you know what people say about doubling down on your opinions, Hariri was unbothered by the comments and took the opportunity to show her haters that she truly could not care less, feeling sorry for their “empty minds that are only used to defame and humiliate royalty and celebrities”.

She then went on to thank Great Britain for embracing her and offering her permanent residency after she fled the country following the port blast.

*attaches an image showing her deeply-rooted patriotism*

We’re pretty sure Queen Elizabeth II shed a few tears in her grave for this lovely tribute.

Anyway, here is an article about how the Royal Family plundered and brutalized half the world.

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