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Bassel Obeid 28 Sep 2022

This New Batroun Spot Has A Pizza Our Hearts

Are you looking for one of the doh’pest pizza spots in Batroun to satisfy your cravings? There’s a newly opened parlor in Batroun that you have to add to your food bucket list.

Doh’ on the Go is serving up delicious sourdough pizzas that are thin-crusted and tasty as can be. With generous toppings lying on a perfectly baked dough, a slice is enough to steal a pizza your heart.

You can enjoy a single slice for when you’re on the go along with a side of their fries, then wrap it up with a taste of their babka, a marbled sweet bread rich in chocolate-y flavor.

You can enjoy a slice all by yourself, or opt for ordering a 50cm pie to share. After spending a day uncovering the beautiful coastal town, a pizza from Doh’ on the Go might just be the best way to wrap it up.

Their menu is home to a bunch of delicious options that you’ll be dying to try. Pizza lovers, don’t forget to pay them a visit next time you’re in Batroun! Make sure to check them out on Instagram.