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Bachar Bzeih 14 Sep 2022

Minister of Energy Claims Black Smog Is Not Harmful

Over the last week black smog has been emanating from the EDL Power Plant in Zouk. Energy expert Charbel Moussa had explained that this was a consequence of the improper burning of Grade B fuel in the plant.

Local residents had also raised complaints about the smog and asked for the plant’s shut down. They believed the smog was emitting harmful substances into the air.

Enter Minister of Energy in Lebanon’s caretaker government Walid Fayad who has chimed in to state that the smog is not actually harmful, while acknowledging that he understands their concerns and that it was an error at the plant.

The Grade B fuel continues to be used due to the absence of Iraqi fuel imports. The minister has said that the issues associated with it should be alleviated soon.

What’s next? Are they going to promote the smog as a treatment for COVID?