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William Daou 16 Sep 2022

Man Uses Toy Gun To Reclaim Frozen Funds In Recent Bank Raid

It appears that people are taking inspiration from depositor Sally Hafiz after she had barged into BLOM Bank in Sodeco on Wednesday, brandishing what was later revealed to be a toy gun to reclaim her frozen funds.

Just this morning, depositor Mohammad Korkmaz recreated the scenario in Byblos Bank in Ghazieh, reportedly managing to salvage $19,200 from his deposit using a toy gun.

Following the successful heist, Korkmaz handed the money to an accomplice who had been waiting for him outside the bank before turning himself in to the authorities.

Marking the third bank “heist” just this week, Lebanese people have grown desperate to get their hands on their own money, which has been frozen in banks since the beginning of the crisis. It is likely that these happenings will become a frequent sight considering the grueling conditions that people have been enduring, as they are now forced to take matters into their own hands.