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Sarah Tarhini 18 Sep 2022

Enchanted: The Sunset Lounge In Ehden That Has Us Charmed

With music-filled nights and charming sunsets, Enchanted is a new lounge and bar nestled in the mountains of Ehden that you’re bound to love.

From weekend gigs to tarab nights, there’s plenty to enjoy at Enchanted. You’re bound to make some great memories on their terrace, with its warm ambience and sparkling twinkle lights. The entire space is also engulfed by trees, making it truly feel enchanted.

This hidden gem is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine or sip on some fantastic cocktails while chasing sunsets.

Or to chow down on their delectable pizza baguette or pesto pizza from their artsy menu.

For contact or reservations : 81 19 15 10

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