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Labib Mansour 20 Sep 2022

7 Spots Where You Can Find Used Books in Beirut

Holding the right book in your hands can be a truly magical experience. But in this economy, and with every book available online, it may seem like an unnecessary expense. That’s why we’ve compiled 7 spots where you can find the right mix of price and pleasure at these bookstores that offer pre-owned books.

1. Halabi Bookshop

One of our favorite bookstores in town, Halabi Bookshop always carries a varied assortment of books to feast your eyes on. They also have a great collection of Arabic novels and books!

2. Book Bazar

Book Bazar’s now iconic unstacked shelves are home to millions of hidden gems, you just need to dig hard to find them. Especially useful if you’re looking for old and niche items.

3. Souk el Ahad

Souk el Ahad is a mystery box, sometimes it’s great, other times it’s disappointing. But who knows? Pop in there and see if you can find the next great steal.

4. Barzakh

This cozy spot on Hamra street has great food, good coffee, and a vast collection of secondhand classics. If you want some old philosophy books, you’ll find them here.

5. Mohamad Al Maghrabi Street Library

This library, located under the Fiat bridge near Souk el Ahad, was tragically burnt last year. But if you take a trip there you’ll find it back to its former glories, especially on Sundays.

6. Aaliya’s Books

Aaliya’s books is known for its good vibes and even better wine, but they are also home to a big collection of second hand books. If you’re looking for a classic, this is the spot to go to.

7. Books.Lebanon

Don’t wanna go tripping around town for your books? We also have your back. We’re sure the Books.Lebanon online shop can cover all your new and used book needs, especially in Arabic.