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Mia Arawi 20 Sep 2022

If Breaking Bad Was Set in Lebanon

Breaking Bad is one of the greatest and most popular shows to have come out of this century, but have you ever wondered what show would look like if it was set in Lebanon? Wonder no more because we’ve figured it out.

Walter White

– Lives in Baabda
– Works as a chemistry teacher at the Lebanon Evangelical School For Boys and Girls
– Only eats out once a week, at Hawa Chicken
– Has a quaint village house in the mountains somewhere, and is obsessed with taking care of said house
– Had an old Volvo which he had to give up for a slightly less old Nissan
– Gets drunk at home

Skyler White

– Lives in Baabda
– Works at a small office bel manta2a
– Puts Mar Charbel on everything
– Gossips with the local moms, slut shames schoolgirls
– Treats herself to a nice lunch at Backyard Hazmieh every once in a while
– Doesn’t like foreigners

Jesse Pinkman

– Lives in Furn el Chebek
– Very big in the local rave scene
– Smoked his first cigarettes at the age of 12
– Got blackout drunk for the first time at age 14
– Got his first tattoo at 15
– Everyone is friends with him because he’s the local plug
– AUST student
– Frequents Abbey Road in Mar Mikhael

Saul Goodman

– Lives in Mar Elias
– Can be seen walking around Badaro
– Friends with all the local coffee and parking guys
– Always has lunch in Da7ye
– Works as a currency exchange guy on the side
– Doesn’t have any family and hasn’t been to his village in years

Gus Fring

– Lives in Achrafieh
– Runs a Bashir Ice Cream shop
– Votes for Independent MPs
– Owns a few police officers
– Secretly frequents Tota

Mike Ehrmantraut

– Lives in Hamra
– Gets drunk at Abou Elie every week
– Hates Rafic el Hariri but also mourns him every year
– Worked in multiple political entourages
– Has lunch at Mezyan silently once a month
– Has a crush on a waitress at Mezyan

Hank Shrader

– Lives in Hazmieh
– Works in the ISF, gets angry at the 7arbiye guys next to his house
– Goes to Spinneys Hazmieh four times a week
– 3awne
– Has a gambling problem
– Hangs out in Badaro

Jane Margolis

– Lives in Kroitem
– Former manic pixie dream girl
– Hangs out at Cafe Younes Hamra
– Gets drunk in Mar Mikhael
– Has been involved in multiple open relationships
– AUB grad student