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Sarah Tarhini 21 Sep 2022

Shawarma Lahme And Djej: A Must-Try Mix From Abou Sobhi

Are you team shawarma lahme or djej? To help settle this timeless debate once and for all, Tripoli’s beloved shawarma joint Abou Sobhi has added a finger-licking and delicious option to their: THE shawarma lahme and djej mix.

It’s no surprise that the creators of the burger shawarma and the shawarma pizza perfected the concept of combining the best of both worlds, but Abou Sobhi has created something for shawarma purists.

Starting off by thinly slicing the perfectly-spiced shawarma, tender chunks of chicken are laid over the delicious garlic sauce and topped with fresh veggies and crispy fries. Then enter the beef shawarma slices, loaded over the chicken and topped off with a toum tarboush.

And there you have it: the delectable shawarma mix we’ve been all waiting for.

If you’re looking for a delicious shawarma, head to Al Mina street in Tripoli facing Credit Bank where you’ll find this delightful snack.

Phone: 06 433 720 or 76 500 949

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