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Bassel Obeid 21 Sep 2022

6 Hidden Historical Gems in Beirut

Beirut is a city that has witnessed a multitude of cultures and empires, filling its streets with history. This has left a couple of hidden gems in the city that you need to check out. We’re not sure if you’ll manage to get into all of them, but here are 6 spots where you can take in Beirut’s rich historical canvas.

1. Charles De Gaulle Residence

Located near Mar Elias Street, the very residence that was occupied by Charles de Gaulle from 1929 to 1932 is preserved as a historical site for all to see.

2. Beit Beirut

Located in Sodeco, Beit Beirut is a vestige of the civil war that has been preserved and reclaimed as a cultural centre. It is currently host to the Allo, Beirut? exhibition which is a must-see visual history of the city.

3. Old Lighthouse

The old lighthouse is a magnificent sight to behold. Nestled between new and old buildings, it provides a stunningly jarring artifact to admire along Manara’s views.

4. Takieddine El Solh Palace

This wonderful abandoned palace is a great spot for our more adventurous explorers. Built and owned by former Prime Minister Takieddine el Solh, it is currently owned by his widow. If you think you have what it takes go explore it, if you don’t we’ve already done that for you.

5. Pink House

An Ottoman villa built in 1882, it has been host to a lot of impressive guests including Charles De Gaulle, John Ferren, and Tom Young. It is supposed to be under renovation right now, and it is still a great sight to look at.

6. Presidential Palace

Lebanon’s former presidential palace is just sitting idly on the Burj el Murr intersection in Minet el Hosn. Thousands pass by it but we’re sure not everyone is aware of its impressive history. The palace was owned by Lebanon’s first president, Bchara el Khoury, who leased it to president Camille Chamoun during his own presidential term. No other presidents chose to sit in this palace, and it was eventually bought by Rafic el Hariri in the 1980s.