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Tanya Maalouf 21 Sep 2022

15 Random Things And What They’re Good For (According To Your Lebanese Mom)

Lebanese moms are filled with an extensive range of knowledge across that makes them experts across various subject matters. And they are extremely dedicated to making sure they remind you what things are used for and why they’re good/bad for you.

1. WhatsApp = a very credible and reliable source of important information

“Ya mama hada ken be3et 3al WhatsApp men jareede ktir mhemme eno…”

2. Shawrabet 3adas = the cure any illness, no pandemic stands a chance against it

If you dare cough in front of her, expect a bowl of steaming shawraba by the end of the day.

3. Smartphones = absolutely useless and evil because they’re making the kids lazy

Can be confirmed by an article she read on her smartphone between back-to-back games of Candy Crush.

4. A son/daughter in law = a tool la tekhlas men hal wled l jebeton + her path to grandkids

5. Mjaddara = iron man

It’s your savior and you better respect it.

6. House chores = 2oomo se3doune la tet3afo men kel hal a3de 3al telephone

7. Walking = metel l dawa, ma daroure trooho 3al gym

Also backed by an article she read on WhatsApp or Facebook.

8. Emotions (of her kids) = irrelevant la2anno mamnoo3 wleda ykoono za3leneen because hayeton helwe

“Shu l mesh 3ajebkon? Fi akel w sohetkon mneeha w ba3dkon 3aysheen yi”

9. Kids = free help service, that is why she had them

10. Floral winter blankets = will keep you warm no matter how cold it is

11. Fucidin/Fucicort = the holy grail, do not ask questions

12. Google = main source for recipes that she never ends up making

“Badde hadderelkon wasfet djej metel l KFC nafs l shi”

*never does it*

13. Mratbeen = the reason for your survival

Don’t you dare break one by mistake. That means one less tabkha for the year.

14. Tupperwares = necessary tools for the coming apocalypse

Ba3dna ma mna3ref why Lebanese moms are obsessed with Tupperwares bas ma bta3rfo shu ma32ool yseer

15. Labne/Zaatar sandwiches = the best breakfast EVER

“Lezem kel yom tekhdo ma3kon sandwich labne l soboh 3al sheghel/jem3a w hek betdayno lal 5”