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William Daou 28 Sep 2022

Free Entry To Cultural and Archaeological Sites For the Rest of the Month

Lebanon’s caretaker Minister of Culture, Mohamad Mortada, has announced that all cultural and archaeological sites around the country would have free entry for the rest of the month. The decision was initially taken to honor the International Day of Tourism on September 27.

Why not take this opportunity to go explore some of Lebanon’s artifacts and collections?

If you need help on which museums you can visit, we’ve compiled 9 of the most remarkable ones across the country for you. Lebanon is also host to a number of exciting archaeological sites you can lay your eyes upon, such as the ancient ruins you can find in almost every major city in the country.

Lebanon’s vast history has left material marks on its terrain, and we’re sure there’s much beauty to find in this archaeological richness. Our museums are not exactly the Louvre (because we don’t go around stealing from other countries) but there’s still joy to found exploring their decked out halls.

The Ministry’s decision is a welcome one for culture enthusiasts around the country, but we wish it ran for more than just 4 days.