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Tanya Maalouf 28 Sep 2022

Pharmacy In Choueifat Sets Up Donation Box For Those In Need

The medical and pharmaceutical sectors in Lebanon have been among the hardest hit by the economic crisis that has yet to be contained for three years and contain g. Overpriced treatments, hoarding of medications, and scarcity has reduced what was once a humanitarian profession to a poor investment with daily hurdles.

Since the government and respective ministers have largely ignored the sector’s cries for help, pharmacists have been taking initiative in a bid to aid patients who are struggling to stay alive.

Photo: Beirut.com

Pharmacy Al Wafaa in Choueifat has set up a donation box to collect funds for any patients who find themselves unable to afford their medications. With an unstable exchange rate, patients are frequently met with shocking price fluctuations every other week.

The pharmacy had also started an initiative a few weeks ago amid a scarcity of baby formula.

Alongside many businesses in Lebanon, these professions have resorted to out-of-pocket initiatives and donations to continue providing their healthcare services. They have been left alone in the face of a crisis that was caused by greedy politicians and leaders who continue to profit off people’s misery.