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Beirut.com 28 Sep 2022

Alfa Teases eSim Coming Soon To Lebanon

Apple’s launch of the iPhone 14 has triggered a wave of eSIM adoption as the new devices will only have eSIM functionality in the US. Despite the fact that the company is adding physical SIM slots in the global devices, this has paved the way for eSIM adoption around the world. And it seems like we are finally catching up.

In a tweet shared yesterday, one of Lebanon’s two state-owned mobile telecom companies, Alfa, teased a new product coming soon. The photo of a QR code covered dice was captioned, “Ready for the new eRa?” prompting many to deduce that they are about to begin offering eSIM support.

From a user’s perspective, an eSIM has many advantages such as allowing the seamless switching between mobile networks, allowing you to have more than one SIM and number, and enabling smoother device setup. Also: can you imagine no longer needing to open the pesky SIM tray?

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