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Labib Mansour 29 Sep 2022

9 Signs You’re Probably Qualified To Run For President In Lebanon

If you’re thinking of running for president in Lebanon, this comprehensive list of extremely important signs will tell you whether you’re qualified.

1. You tear up when you listen to that one Majida El Roumi song


2. You’re a pathological liar

It’s not like you want to be lying your ass off all the time but it’s part of the job description, so…

3. You believe “Lebnan rah yerja3”

You embody Joseph Atieh. You are Joseph Atieh.

4. You rarely make an appearance at or comment on important occasions

5. You have a favorite color

Yellow? Green? Blue? Red? None at all? It is important to choose.

6. You’ve got your own slogan

Please note that “ma khalloone eshteghel” and “lira b alf kheir” are taken.

7. You ate a lot of homecooked meals as a child

Emme alet eno hal aklet kellon hadeed/b se3dook tekbar fa of course it only makes sense.

8. You’re a serial napper

You must be taking frequent naps to regain your energy throughout the day. Running a country is a hard task.

9. You own a suit

You must look good in a suit because that is all you will be seen in. President AND style icon? Yes and yes.