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Elise Daoud 07 Oct 2022

5 Pizza Joints ‘Bel Day3a’ That You Need To Try

There’s something about cozy day3a spots that makes food all the more delicious. Whether it’s their homey feel or the passionate locals running the business, these pizza joints are day3a gems that will quickly become your favorites. Take the drive and uncover your next favorite slice!

1. Piazza 1140, Hammana

This Italian spot in Hammana serves up some of the most delecteable and well mad wood-fire pizzas in town. They also bake unbeatable calzones with the fluffiest dough and the richest of fillings.

Phone number: 79 138 178

2. Chez Gio Gio, Zahle

A hidden gem that treats pizza making as though it is an artform. Their pizzas are generously topped to satisfy your cravings, made by a passionate chef sharing his love for pizza with the people of Zahle.

Phone number: 08 822 884

3. Piazza Pizza, Qarnayel

Specializing in wood fire-baked Italian pizza, Piazza uses only the freshest ingredients for an optimum dining experience. You’ll have a taste of explosive flavors with every bite.

Phone number: 81 273 563

4. Zahrtoni, Qobayat

Toni Zaher has a remarabke love for pizza, pasta, and his beautiful hometown of Qobayat. He decided to join the three of those incredible things in one delightful destination. Don’t miss out on his delicious Prosciutto e Fungi pizza.

Phone number: 81 469 844

5. Kristy Pizza, Broummana

Known for their cheesy pizzas and soft crusts, Kristy Pizza is a Broummana favorite that should be on your bucket list.

Phone number: 71 084 158