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Labib Mansour 12 Oct 2022

Fire Bird: Beirut’s New Fried Chicken Spot

Craving some scorching hot crispy fried chicken? A new spot in Beirut is sparing you the trek to Nashville and serving up some of the city’s most delicious comfort food.

Tucked away in the alleyways of Mar Mikhael (facing the beloved The Bros burger joint), Fire Bird is the newest addition to Beirut’s food scene.

Their menu is simple, but packs a punch! You can choose between their two options: a tenders tray or a burger tray (fried chicken tenders or a fried chicken burger, bread, spiced fries, pickles, coleslaw, and Cheetos-flavored mac ‘n cheese).

Pair your spicy and salty meal with a cold and creamy milkshake served in three flavors (salted cookies and cream, triple chocolate, and strawberry-vanilla), and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable meal.

Here is a screenshot of their menu, but please note that prices may change:

This spot is ideal for a quick bite on-the-go, your next indulgent meal, or a late-night feast after you’ve had a few too many.