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Labib Mansour 13 Oct 2022

9 Camping Spots In Lebanon That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Happy autumn for all campers and nature lovers, to celebrate the new season we’ve got a few camping spots that should be on your bucket list.

1. BALLOOT, Kobayat

A pet-friendly campsite in Kobayat where you can spend the night chilling by the bonfire and gazing at the stars. This is a trip best enjoyed with a large group of friends.

2. Pack and Go, Ehden

Camping on wheels? Count us in. Pack and Go is all about that van life, so if that’s your style you can pack and go reserve their fully-equipped van parked in the heart of Ehden. We’re sure you’ll be blown away by the view.

3. UpHill, Chouwen

Visiting Chouwen is a magical experience, and camping at UpHill is the cherry on top. This peaceful campsite comes with a Lebanese breakfast, which you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying alongside a view of the mountains.

4. SnawBar, Batroun

This campsite comes with a little spice, hosting live events and musical nights that will surely elevate your stay. Enjoy the music as you unwind on one of their hammocks and sip on a refreshing cocktail from their bar.

5. Yahchouch Camp, Yahchouch

Yahchouch Camp is home to an assortment of wooden cabins located in the heart of the forest, so you can imagine how nice it would be spending the early hours at a place like this.

6. Von Voyage, Faitroun

This is a limited opportunity to enjoy a one-in-a-kind experience in Faitroun, so hurry up and book your van stay because Von Voyage will only be available until the end of October!

7. Glamping, Maghdoucheh

For whoever’s not crazy about camping but still wants to have a glamorous nature experience, this beautiful site in Maghdoucheh is the perfect place for you. Each of their unique tents offers a different camping experience, so choose wisely!

8. UZIT Cabin, Ehden

The famous UZIT cabin will never disappoint our nature lovers. The cabin is situated in a serene and breathtaking location that is perfect for a family stay, so grab your loved ones and head over to UZIT.

9. Glampish, Koura

Yet another glamorous camping experience for our not-so-happy campers. Glampish offers a unique experience to our visitors through its dome-shaped tent!