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Katerina Hakmeh 17 Oct 2022

Wedding In Jeita Grotto? Lebanese Architect Presents Lebanon’s Landmarks Reimagined

Have you ever attended a wedding in a grotto?

Lebanese architect Elio Atallah has pushed his creative boundaries by reimagining a fairytale wedding in Lebanon’s beloved Jeita Grotto.

Blown away by the gorgeous photos, we called up Atallah to inquire further about the project. He explained that these visualizations are part of a greater restoration project. The visuals were inspired by the Ministry of Tourism’s “Ahla Bhal Talleh” campaign. To bring attention to Lebanon’s most famous landmarks and natural wonders, Atallah rendered images of the spaces reimagined.

The unique campaign features the gorge waterfall of Balaa (Balou Balaa) as a hotel:

And even Tyre’s Roman hippodrome as a football stadium:

He also took it a step further by reimagining the Baalback Temples and the ancient castle in Byblos as cleverly designed tourist attractions that stay true to their historic identity.

Atallah is working to propose this project to the Minister of Tourism in collaboration with Live Love Lebanon. If executed properly, this could be a beautiful and innovative way to promote tourism and give our national treasures the attention they deserve.

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