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Bassel Obeid 19 Oct 2022

If Euphoria Were Set In Lebanon

The HBO series Euphoria took the world by storm with its wild characters and wilder plot lines. Have you ever wondered what the show would look like if it were set in Lebanon? Wonder no more, as we have the answer for you.

1. Maddy Perez

– Lives in Raouche
– Spends a lot of time in Mar Mkhail
– Stuck on that one guy
– Never learned how to drive
– Often on first dates
– Can be found in the nearest ABC

2. Cassie Howard

– Lives in Monot
– Eats out every day of the week
– Has dated 23+ year olds since she was 16
– Runs an artsy Instagram page
– Once went on a date with an MP

3. Nate Jacobs

– Lives in Ras Beirut
– Dad worked with Rafic el Hariri
– Always getting invited to nightclubs
– Pays someone to do all his homework
– Has wrecked at least two cars
– Goes to LAU and has gotten into various fights there

4. Lexi Howard

– Lives in Monot but wants to live in Hamra
– Straight A-student (sometimes writes Nate Jacobs’ homework)
– Hangs out in Badaro
– Has an obvious awkward crush that everyone knows about
– Went to the Allo, Beirut? exhibition and cried

5. Jules Vaughn

– Lives in Hamra
– Has punched at least two cab drivers
– Wants to study Political Science at AUB
– Posts many emotional support cat pictures
– Has relatives in Brazil
– Often seen at Tota or Orenda

6. Fezco

– Lives in Ain el Remenneh
– Local plug
– Always talking about some psychology theory
– Hangs out at Target Mar Mikhael too much
– Tells everyone he’s planning to attend AUST

7. Rue Bennet

– Lives in Msaytbeh
– Part of a weird friend group
– Is in a polyamarous relationship
– Hangs out at Hamra’s bars
– Ghosts all her friends then awkwardly meets them while they’re all partying

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