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Mia Arawi 25 Oct 2022

9 Ways To Connect With Your Lebanese Grandparents

It can sometimes be difficult for people across different generations to connect in Lebanon, so for all you out there looking to find common ground with your grandparents, here are 9 techniques you can try.

1. Naja7et

Naja7et shu? Mish mohem. You can even just lie about your achievements, they won’t check.

2. Nod along as they go on a ‘ma fi dawle’ rant

“Eh ya ebne badak dayman tfaker b 7alak w mosta2balak la2an b hal dawle ma fi…” Yes, grandpa sme3tak the first 100 times.

3. Akid bekol kel hol

You better stuff your mouth and smile or you will suffer the wrath of teta.

4. Fix their WhatsApp

Eh lezem tekbos 3al akhdar la tozbat.

5. Agree that hal khodarje nasab fr

Mish ma32oul keef sayreen as3aron 3anjad. (Meanwhile you don’t know how much a regular batanjene costs).

6. Sme3to 3an hayda bel day3a

Gossip is the true connector.

7. 3a eyeme…

Nod along with some oohs and aahs and you’ll be good.

8. Yalla hala2 bzedlek ra2mon

Keef byektbo hal esem bel 3arabe?

9. Look shocked when the same thing happens over and over bel mosalsal el Terke

Can’t believe he cheated on her with his dead sister again!!!