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Tanya Maalouf 26 Oct 2022

This Beirut Burger Is Tucked Into Mac And Cheese Buns

If there’s anything Gemmayze’s Cosmic Burger excels at, it’s coming up with the most unique and out-of-this-world food creations.

Mac ‘n cheese lovers, take a big bite out of The Big Bang for a deliciously cheesy and indulgent experience.

A 170 gram patty of flame-grilled Angus beef topped with cheddar cheese and your choice of pork or beef bacon are layered between buns that are made of deep-fried mac ‘n cheese.

The talented burgerologists over at Cosmic Burger brought together two of our most favorite things – crunchy food and cheese, an ideal comfort meal for the fall season. Can you imagine biting into this delicious cheese-fest?

And if this is a bit too cheesy for you, opt for their classic Say Cheese, equally delicious and with just enough cheese and crunch to keep you going. A brioche bun dipped in cheddar cheese and Cheetos.

Say cheese!

So, when are we getting our mac ‘n cheese on?