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Melissa Sleiman โ€ข 27 Oct 2022

14 Iconic Haifa Wehbe Tweets That Will Make You LOL

Haifa Wehbe knows how to make heads turn, and if you scroll through her Twitter account, you can easily know why. Here are some of Haifa’s most iconic tweets that will make your day 99% better.

1. That one time a fan asked her if she could buy her wedding dress

2. And when she put a hater in his place

3. That one time she had an interaction with Lindsay Lohan

4. And that time she flexed her private jet

5. When she turned into a literal WhatsApp sticker that your mom overuses every morning

6. That one time she hopped on the Bernie train…forever iconic

7. And then the ACTUAL WhatsApp stickers


9. The queen of cryptic messages

10. Promoting her music video about…taxis?

11. Some motivational AF quotes to get you through the day

12. That time she promoted her music to fight off corona

13. And that time she threw major SHAAAAADE

14. And more good morning tweets