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Elise Daoud 27 Oct 2022

8 Leslie Jordan Quotes That Fit These Lebanese Situations

American Horror Story and Will and Grace actor and comedian Leslie Jordan recently passed away at the age of 67 after getting into a car accident. To commemorate all the laughs we shared with him, here are some Leslie Jordan quotes that are just too relatable to Lebanese people.

1. When you open one of those cookie containers and ACTUALLY find cookies in it instead of a sewing kit

2. When you ask your mom if you can get McDonalds on the way back home and she started going off about all the labne w zaatar we have at home

3. Your Lebanese aunties trying to convince you to spill the tea so they can gossip about it with your other relatives

4. Every time your mom starts rage cleaning and calling her kids “bala 3aze” and “wked l haram”

5. When you match with a hot Lebanese guy on Tinder but he can’t even hold a conversation

6. When you tell your BFF that they shouldn’t have gotten lahme nayye from that one spot and they get food poisoning the next day

7. When you drive into the biggest pothole known to man after promising your dad you’ll be careful with the car

8. When you go to a family gathering knowing you’re going to be the talk of the day3a because of your outfit