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William Daou 28 Oct 2022

12 Obscure Childhood Memories We All Had in Lebanon

Childhoods in Lebanon can take several different paths, but we’re sure that you’ve enjoyed at least a few of these obscure childhood memories. You won’t find a man2oushe ma3 Bonjus here, just some casual deeply repressed memories.

1. Binge reading “Magic Tree House” novels

Goosebumps was for chumps.

2. Designing buildings to run when you grow up< /b>

I planned so many landlocked sea resorts.

3. Letting off stink bombs to disrupt class

Oh, only my classmates did that?

4. Playing Minesweeper and having 0 idea what you’re doing, but somehow feeling like a genius

5. 3osso w mosso

6. The water ring game

Modern apps can’t keep up.

7. Being edgy on MSN

8. 7omayda

Just eating random shit from the side of the road, as kids do.

9. Bakugan

And the illicit economy that grew around them.

10. Running from Les Malhuers de Sophie

When that theme song hit, I ran.

11. Pez dispenser mysteries

Everyone remembers having, then forgets about it for a year, then runs back into it at the local supermarket and we all wonder where did it go?

12. That one crossover episode of Suite Life on Deck with Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place