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Bassel Obeid 03 Nov 2022

Ramco Blames Minister Of Public Works For Recurring Garbage Crisis

Caretaker minister of public works Ali Hamieh shared many images on Twitter of the garbage piling up at a site in Sin El Fil, urging waste collection companies and municipalities to “do their job” and stating that the ministry does not have the time “to do their job for them” every time.

Ramco, which is the waste collection company that was contacted by the state, was quick to respond to Hamieh’s accusations, pointing the finger back at him. The company released a statement expressing their distaste for the ministry’s campaign against their company, adding that “if he checked the file on waste management at the Ministry of Environment, then he would find a solution – if he was looking for one”.

The company has been working to the best of its abilities during such hard times, even performing operations that the Ministry of Public Works is supposed to be responsible for. These operations are also outside the scope of their contract, as per their statement

They also mentioned their surprise that the ministry does not know that waste removal operations have halted after 4 PM and proceed at 6 AM, a the schedule that has been used since August 4, 2020.

It seems like Hamieh hasn’t paid the office a visit in a while…