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Melissa Sleiman 07 Nov 2022

10 Injuries Every Lebanese Kid Has Endured

One of the many shared experiences in our Lebanese childhoods is the injuries we sustained as kids (and we mean the physical, not the generational trauma).

How many of these injuries did you have to deal with?

1. Stapling your finger and hiding it la2anno emmak aletlak ma tel3ab bel kabbese

You cry that it was bel ghalat but we all know it wasn’t.

2. Stabbed by thorns in your teta’s garden

You go to the day3a and decide you wanna play in teta’s garden. As you are trampling her zarree3a, you learn the hard way that some plants have thorns.

3. The rakwet ahwe/teapot burn

You ignored your mom’s warnings and touched the scorching hot rakwe anyway.

4. Sore back from slipping ba3d ma emmak shatafet l ared

Eza emak 3am toshtof, dalak 3am tez7of.

5. Leaning back on a chair and having your life flash in front of your eyes

Yes it may seem fun but as your teta has told you multiple times, ha tetkassar.

6. Finger caught in the car window

You watched it close in slow motion and for some reason, you had a delayed reaction. You only decide to scream when it nearly breaks your finger.

7. Arm break o’clock (possible witnesses: wled l jeeran)

Kenet 3am tel3ab taht l bet ma3 wled l jiran. No one knows what happened. No one speaks of it. It just did, and now you have a cool cast.

8. Lost a tooth bas bayyak 2al byerbeto b khet w byetbosh l beb

Lebanese dads vs. thinking eno ma b seer shi cos you’re still durable as a child.

9. Bloody knees after you told your friend eno enta asra3 menno/menna b 10 talef marra

Well, you were faster to hit the ground…

10. Trampoline head bump

“Jad ma tnot hal2ad, Jad ma tnot hal2ad, Jad!!!!”

Now you have a dangoora as an accessory.