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Katerina Hakmeh 05 Nov 2022

15 Things You’ll Understand If You Grew Up ‘Bel Day3a’

Some of our greatest memories were from our childhood, and if you were raised ‘bel day3a,’ you know that it’s very different from a city upbringing. Here are 15 things you’ll understand if you had a childhood ‘bel day3a’.

1. You grew up saying “eish” instead of “shu”

2. Your mom used to pass around a tray of cigarettes for guests as ‘dyafeh’.

3. Olive-picking was a seasonal ritual that you had with your parents

4. You were afraid of being part of day3a gossip

5. Your evenings consisted of “tfa2o bizir” and eating pomegranate eddem l bet

6. You grew up thinking Beirut was a concrete jungle where dreams are made

7. You frequently joined your mom and “neswen l day3a” for their morning coffee sessions

8. You loved picking grapes yourselves because you thought they tasted better than the store-bought ones

9. Your go-to games? Beit byout and ghommeeda

10. You loved helping your teta and jeddo with house chores

11. You often woke up to a fresh manouche 3al saj and a Bonjus

12. Your core memories include walking through the day3a and being stopped by a herd of sheep that were passing by

13. You knew you were going to have a fun time when there’s an 2a3de 3al veranda

14. Your idea of a “meshwar” was going to the dekkene and buying a sa7be and Bonjus for 500 LL

15. You loved playing card games with your teta like 7areb and Bassra and 7mar