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Bassel Obeid 28 Nov 2022

8 Movie Plots That Just May Happen In Lebanon

Do you ever feel like Hollywood movies are inspired by Lebanon? These 8 movie plots sound a lot like true stories here.

1. The Prestige

Robert Angier and Alfred Borden try to outdo each other by performing the perfect illusion. It turns out Borden has a twin, which is how he was able to pull off so many tricks. Angier copies this idea by creating several clones of himself and killing them after each trick.

So…Angier never dies. He’s just creating clones. What if Lebanese politicians have been doing just that all these years?

2. Memento

Leonard Shelby has severe anterograde amnesia and forgets everything literally every 15 minutes. Life in Lebanon does feel like that sometimes.

Where am I? Why am I here? Why don’t I have a visa? Why aren’t I eating croissants in Paris with the rest of the Lebanese population?

3. A Quiet Place

There’s only one rule in this movie: stay quiet or get eaten by bloodthirsty monsters. Imagine yourself at a family gathering and you’re just conversing with other family members about some random topic. Then your mother gives you that look. The stfu right now or else look.

4. Ella Enchanted

Ella is put under a spell that makes her obedient…constantly. This is the life of every Lebanese girl with strict day3a parents. The spell is “shu baddon y2oolo 3anna l nes?” and it works wonders.

5. The Great Gatsby

The book-turned-movie is about the rich Gatsby who is so rich, it drives the protagonist to madness. And this means that the story of Gatsby is the story you’ll be hearing from neswen l foron wherever you go.

“Yiii sme3te eno tole3 hayda l shab men Achrafieh 3am yshuf hay l bent men el Tayouneh? Walaw ma sme3te fiya? 3am ykhoona la marto ma3a!!!”

6. Catch Me If You Can

Con artist Frank Abagnale has tricked people out of millions of dollars with his insanely good deception skills. And no matter how much FBI agent Carl Hanratty tries, he can never catch Frank.

Sounds a lot like Riad Salameh and Ghada Aoun.

7. Planet of the Apes

Astronauts land on this strange planet where talking apes are the dominant race. If you ever find yourself conversing with a group of people you just met, and they start their sentences with “eh howe sara2 bas mesh ad l be2een” – congratulations. You made it to the planet of the apes.

8. The Usual Suspects

A group of criminals are arrested for the hijacking of a truck that none of them admit to being a part of. One of the criminals suggests committing a crime on purpose because the police kept harassing them about the hijacking – and one guy gets away in the end.

Law enforcement in Lebanon summed up in one movie, and the actual criminal gets away in the end because mafi dawle.